Asbestos Testing in Warrington

Asbestos Testing in WarringtonAsbestos testing in Warrington is one of the services provided by Fibre Safe – a one-stop-shop for all asbestos solutions. We offer premium services to regions in the North West, North Wales areas and beyond. People are concerned about this ‘wonder’ material first discovered in the 50s, 60s and 70s. As we know today, the use of and prolonged exposure to this material can cause serious health hazards that prove fatal in many cases. Until this was understood from a scientific and medical viewpoint it was considered to be a versatile, multi-use building material.

Over time, as with many areas in the UK, in Warrington asbestos testing became necessary as people began getting afflicted by diseases. The latest reports say that four thousand deaths occur in a year with asbestos is being named as the single biggest cause for deaths in workplaces and homes. A fatal lung disease called asbestosis and a form of lung cancer called mesothelioma have been clearly identified as arising due to exposure to asbestos. The actual cause is due to inhalation of the asbestos fibres, which if not expelled from the lungs can become embedded in the internal mucal linings and cause severe medical conditions. Small amounts do not pose serious hazards but asbestos material that crumbles or that has been treated by sawing, sanding or scraping is likely to create a very serious problem.

In order to raise awareness, increase protection and create high standards of safety, Fibre Safe provides asbestos testing in Warrington and nearby areas. For more information about our asbestos testing service, contact Fibre Safe. Our skilled workforce, equipped with the latest technology helps clients stay safe and in compliance with environmental regulations. Our comprehensive services cover domestic, commercial and other sectors. We conduct surveys to assess, manage and collect asbestos/asbestos-containing materials. We also assess risks and are competent to handle emergencies if required. We help with policy-making, audits and testing. Our scope of work includes maritime inspections and detecting asbestos traces in the soil. Our focus is to ensure that people gain awareness and control, and have remedial measures in place so that risks are minimal. We value your life and safety!

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