Asbestos Survey in Cheshire

Asbestos Survey in CheshireAn asbestos survey in Cheshire is mandatory before any building or renovation work on your building begins. Fibre Safe can assist you. For more than 15 years, we have set up ourselves to provide a complete asbestos solutions package to all our clients throughout the North West and North Wales area. Our team is made up of a comprehensive workforce that deals with risk management, survey, training and even asbestos removal. This is so that we can help you achieve and stay within full compliance of the Control of Asbestos Regulations. We have a wealth of experience in working in various sectors, including those in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Because of the dangers that come with working on this material, it is prudent to let the professionals deal with it so that you do not end up exposing yourself to a potential health risk.

We strive to provide a complete and thorough service in order to ensure your safety. In Cheshire, an asbestos survey spans over a variety of entities. Our domestic survey is done in order to determine the location and amount of asbestos-containing materials within a dwelling. We carry out a management survey in order to ensure all non-domestic properties meet compliance with current legislation. If you wish to have a property refurbished, you might want to consider having a survey done first. This intrusive inspection is necessary before any building work is carried out or property is refurbished. It might seem tedious and non-important but it ensures your being in the property is not compromised due to health violations. Even if you need to demolish a building, a pre-demolition survey is necessary. Having asbestos particles floating in the air puts everyone at risk.

We also carry out soil and social housing asbestos survey in Cheshire. Asbestos in soil and social housing is becoming an increasing problem, one that we can help you tackle. Contact Fibre Safe today and let us carry out any asbestos survey that you may need. We invest in the latest technology and training and provide a comprehensive service, sticking to strict client confidentiality. Your rights, safety and reputation are of utmost importance to us.

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