Asbestos in Soil in Manchester

Asbestos in Soil in ManchesterAsbestos in soil in Manchester and elsewhere has, in the past, not been as aggressively managed as indoor contamination. At Fibre Safe, we conduct soil surveys of vacant properties where potentially asbestos contaminated buildings were demolished. Today, before you can demolish a building a site survey for asbestos contained in the building must be conducted. It is an aggressive and invasive survey because we have to check for all asbestos-containing building materials used on the interior and exterior of the building. Asbestos fibres are contained in wall paint and plaster, concrete flooring, roof shingles and siding, insulation of walls, wiring and pipes. Before the building can be demolished, every last of bit of asbestos-containing materials must be safely removed and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. That’s part of our professional services. 

That requirement for a demolition survey has not always been a requirement so asbestos contaminated buildings were demolished. In Manchester, asbestos in soil on those sights is almost guaranteed.  Studies have shown that asbestos in soil is somewhat less dangerous than indoor airborne fibres. You don’t want asbestos in the topsoil where granny and the grandchildren are growing lettuce and tomatoes. If it’s there, it has to be excavated and safely buried. Our surveys measure the risk from asbestos in soil and if it’s in the subsoil and does not exceed the environmental safety standard it is safe to leave it. The property is safe to build on because the asbestos is deemed manageable.

The idea of asbestos in soil in Manchester is unnerving to many property purchasers and construction crews. So in addition to soil surveys, we also focus on education so, the public, including construction crews, will have a solid foundation of knowledge based on fact and not fear. Contact Fibre Safe for soil surveys and safety training. You must have a survey if you plan to demolish a building and once it’s down schedule a soil survey before you buy, sell or build on that land. Such land, known as Brownfield, may not present the risk you imagine. We document all the variables such as the type of asbestos present, the concentration and the depth. Our surveys include our findings and recommendations for safe management.

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