Asbestos in West Kirby

Asbestos in West KirbyYou need to make it a priority to check if your property has asbestos in West Kirby. This is now a legal obligation for all property owners. Long term inhalation of asbestos fibres can be lethal. The fibres are sharp and cannot be dissolved and once they reach the lungs they embed themselves and cause a long and lingering death.  You will not even be aware that there are asbestos fibres in the air as they are tiny and not easily seen with the naked eye.  We have special air tests that check the quality of the air inside the building. If we find any asbestos fibres we will investigate until we find the source.

If you own a building that was built before 1999 then it needs a survey. In West Kirby, asbestos is found in most homes and factories in varying quantities. It was used as a wonder material which insulated hot water pipes and helped keep the heat in buildings.  Only the very newest buildings are likely to be asbestos free. Many schools and other public buildings have large quantities of asbestos and we need to identify the material and ensure it is not damaged.  Once it cracks or breaks it will release fibres into the air so we need to ensure it stays intact. This can be done by encapsulation or with frequent checks to ensure the material is in good condition.

We offer necessary surveys for asbestos in West Kirby. Contact Fibre Safe today for a survey and report on the asbestos in your building. We examine the whole building and find any asbestos that may be present.  We opened our company in 2004 to provide a complete asbestos solution for our clients.  This includes training as well as removal where necessary or encapsulation if the asbestos cannot be removed. Our entire reason for being is to make your home or workplace safe from the dangers of inhalation of asbestos by you or your staff.  We are currently working in partnership with registered social landlords and maintenance companies to help maintain asbestos in social housing around the North West of the UK and the North Wales area.

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