Asbestos Soil Testing in Altrincham

Asbestos Soil Testing in AltrinchamAsbestos soil testing in Altrincham is one of many services we provide at Fibre Safe, our environmental safety company we established in 2004. Our purpose is to fight the dangers of asbestos in our indoor and outdoor environment. We serve the North West and North Wales areas by conducting asbestos management surveys, refurbishment and demolition surveys, safety training and asbestos removal. Soil testing is important because if you are planning to build on a vacant lot anywhere, chances are some other structure was there previously. If it was demolished before 2000, any asbestos from the building is still in the soil. You want that cleaned up before your new build begins according to government guidelines.

Our team undertakes soil testing for homeowners, demolition firms, health and safety consultants.  In Altrincham, asbestos soil testing is conducted in our own laboratory. We are looking for any areas containing more than 0.1% asbestos. When that level is reached, the site becomes hazardous waste. We test surface soil and excavate for asbestos materials buried in the subsoil. Samples should be taken by professionals that have taken the proper safety precautions. Asbestos does not break down in the soil. If it was there 50 years ago it’s still there today. Site excavation for soil testing may impact the resale of the land and also leave an unsightly terrain. Our experts decide the best technique for accurate testing.

When asbestos soil testing in Altrincham indicates the presences of asbestos, all is not lost. Remediation is possible and the strategy depends on the depth and extent of contamination. Sometimes it can be safely buried in topsoil and other times the land must be excavated and removed down to the level of contamination. The removal is hazardous and labour intensive but it will likely return the value to the land. We’ll also test the air at the site to be sure airborne asbestos is not a threat. Contact Fibre Safe for soil testing on vacant land or improved land for a comprehensive evaluation of the presence of an asbestos hazard. Whether you are building new or buying existing, your children will be playing in the soil and you may be gardening there. Better to find out sooner rather than later if the land is contaminated or not.

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