Asbestos Removal in Rochdale

Asbestos Removal in RochdaleOur Fibre Safe staff talks to groups and individuals about asbestos removal in Rochdale. Some people are surprised that asbestos is still an issue. They ask “wasn’t that banned in 1999, or 1985 or 1977 or even 1955”? The answer to all is yes. It’s been a long process as some products were banned and later others. Some was allowed for certain uses but not others and at other times import restrictions were imposed. When you consider the number of buildings in the UK built before 2000 you get an idea of the scope of work to remove asbestos from those buildings as it presents a danger. Two decades into the project we have made tremendous progress. Much of the progress has been in education in the dangers of asbestos; equipment design and protocol to test for and safely remove it from buildings.

Once we got a programme in motion to remove asbestos in building construction and manufacturing, we had to put it someplace. So designated landfills have been assigned and in Rochdale, asbestos removal waste is safely disposed of by licensed environmental companies. Fibre Safe is one of those licensed companies. When we established our business in 1994 we set out to conquer the dangers of asbestos from every angle. Today, we are leading the way through training others, conducting building surveys, testing for the presence of asbestos, removal and disposal. It is a legal requirement for public commercial buildings to have an asbestos survey and management plan in place. Our company provides those services.

It’s been two decades but asbestos removal in Rochdale and other parts of the UK have barely begun. Asbestos was to construction what aspirin is to pain. It was a great insulator, strengthener, fire inhibitor and more. It has been identified in over 4000 building products. The World Health Organisation has identified the dangers of asbestos yet it is still being used illegally in some countries and in many other countries, its use is still legal. Contact Fibre Safe for asbestos removal. We can only take care of our corner of the world if we all do our part to rid our environment of this known carcinogen. There is still a lot of work to do.

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