Asbestos Testing in Flintshire

Asbestos Testing in FlintshireConsider asbestos testing in Flintshire if you suspect an area within your home or place of work contains asbestos materials.  You need to be cautious and take care not to disturb it. If worn asbestos material is disturbed the tiny fibres can become airborne and be inhaled. This can cause incurable lung disease as the fibres become lodged in the lungs and cannot be removed as they are very fragile and extremely tiny. Many items in a home may contain asbestos like Artex, ceiling board, boiler and pipe cladding, and many other normal household components. Our team will visit your home and take samples from the suspected area. Once the sample has been analysed we contact you with the results. Our team will give you the best advice on how to proceed further.

Asbestos was used throughout the building industry from about 1930 up until 1999. In Flintshire, asbestos testing is necessary as even if your building was not constructed during this time, asbestos could have been added as insulation in many places. It is a light material and strong and was used almost everywhere. It is fire resistant and had many other desirable qualities. Unfortunately, at that stage, people were not aware of the potential health risk it posed. Nowadays it is important to test your home and place of work to be sure it is safe. Standard turnaround times for testing are 3 to 5 days although same day analysis can be undertaken with prior notice.

We supply some of the most sophisticated asbestos testing in Flintshire. If you need a building demolished or renovated you will need an asbestos survey to ensure there are no hazardous materials that may injure the contractors. Contact Fibre Safe today to book an asbestos management plan, survey or testing. We can arrange to remove any asbestos-containing materials on or in your property. As we have a number of training specialists, you can request a training course so that your staff will learn about how to react if asbestos is found in your building.

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