Asbestos Management in Macclesfield

Asbestos Management in MacclesfieldAsbestos management in Macclesfield will ensure health, safety and compliance with regulations. We understand the importance of proper safety measures while dealing with asbestos. Exposure to asbestos or asbestos-containing materials can be very hazardous. It is one of the primary causes of mesothelioma, different forms of lung and respiratory problems, allergies and infections. In an earlier era, asbestos was considered a miracle material, because of its insulating and versatile properties. It was used in a variety of applications including construction, flooring, linings for water tanks and cisterns, insulation, and paints. Being a fire-resistant material, it was also used extensively in commercial and private buildings. However, today, the dangers of asbestos exposure have resulted in thousands of cases of fatal illnesses. This has in turn resulted in large scale litigation involving millions of pounds. The government has formulated very strict regulations regarding management, survey, demolition, and the disposal of waste.

For those in Macclesfield, asbestos management is essential for owners of buildings and businesses. This plan was earlier known as the Type 2 plan. It helps you assess the asbestos risk and formulate a management plan. The management involves first identifying and locating the asbestos and asbestos-containing materials on your property. Such materials can be damaged or disturbed during occupancy. In normal circumstances, asbestos is a safe material if left undamaged. However, when it breaks down into fibres, it enters your lungs through the air, causing diseases. If you are unsure where it is located, our experts can use their knowledge, experience and training to trace it. The management survey may involve some minor disturbance to the asbestos based on the age of the building and the condition of the asbestos.

Asbestos surveys have to be carried out in any building that was constructed before 2000, and our asbestos management in Macclesfield ensures that you are in compliance. Contact us for more information regarding asbestos management. Once our survey is complete, we provide a comprehensive report that provides detailed information on the location, quantity and condition of asbestos on the premises. Though there is no legal requirement to follow our advice, clients prefer to do it in the interests of health and safety.

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