Asbestos Soil Testing in Runcorn

Asbestos Soil Testing in RuncornFibre Safe’s environmental services are comprehensive and include asbestos soil testing in Runcorn. While asbestos is naturally occurring in the environment, concentrations in soil is likely the result of demolition of an asbestos containing building; especially one that was torn down many years ago and the land left vacant. Any building constructed before 1987 could contain a large amount of asbestos in roofing and siding, plumbing, plaster walls, concrete foundations and floor tile. There may be records confirming asbestos was removed prior to demolition but still, if you are planning to build on vacant land, ask for a soil test before you buy the property. Time does not eliminate the danger of asbestos fibres.

Today, asbestos throughout a building must be removed before demolition can take place. For your property in Runcorn, asbestos soil testing might still provide peace of mind. Our teams at Fibre Safe perform asbestos removal for buildings being demolished. We clean the vacant site and test for air quality. There are other circumstances when asbestos soil testing is warranted. Any home or commercial building that serves children should take the precaution of a soil test.  Older housing complexes and schools will have, by law, certification of asbestos removal or management. Testing the soil for safety is wise and gives you peace of mind.

Should you request asbestos soil testing in Runcon before buying a home? You probably ask for radon testing and if the home is on well and septic you want reports confirming the water is safe and the septic isn’t overflowing. Lead is still checked in some situations so why not a soil test for asbestos. Our team at Fibre Safe is made up of professional engineers thoroughly trained and educated in all aspects of asbestos management, removal and testing. Contact us and we will give you a reasonable cost for undertaking the testing of soil for asbestos. If tests are positive we will advise you regarding the management but more often than not the soil test will show no asbestos. Keep your certificate as proof.

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