Asbestos Management in West Kirby

Asbestos Management in West KirbyFor help with asbestos management in West Kirby, contact Fibre Safe. If you are a property owner, especially if your building was constructed prior to 200, it is a legal requirement for the duty holder to manage asbestos on his property. This means that you would need to have an asbestos survey conducted to determine if and where any asbestos-containing materials are present in your building. Asbestos in itself is not harmful. However, it is when it is disturbed and its fibres become airborne and possibly inhaled that the real danger lies.

For your older building in West Kirby, asbestos management will ensure that no-one is in danger of inhaling any asbestos fibres. We work with all aspects of asbestos, from asbestos surveys, testing, removal, collection, and as important, asbestos training. Once you have had an asbestos survey, you will be better informed on what to do to manage the asbestos, maintain it and have it inspected at regular intervals. We can assist you in preparing a comprehensive and easy to u understand asbestos management plan. Asbestos management can include inspection, maintenance, encapsulation, isolation, signage and labelling and repair. Our highly trained team can perform the initial surveys of your premises, as well as regular inspections and management of any asbestos-containing materials found inside. Established since 2004, our multi-disciplinary team that includes risk managers, surveyors, trainers and removal operatives to help clients achieve full compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations.

Asbestos management in West Kirby will ensure that you comply with legal requirements, and, importantly, that your building is safe for the occupants. If you need assistance, or would like more information about asbestos management service, contact Fibre Safe. We undertake work in all sectors, including the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors. Training and technology is one of our core beliefs, and we make sure that our team have the both technical capability and the latest tools to perform their job to the highest standard. Our team is qualified and highly competent to work with all aspects of asbestos. We also feel strongly about sharing information and knowledge, which is why we offer comprehensive and thorough asbestos training.

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