Asbestos in Soil in Wirral

Asbestos in Soil in WirralAsbestos in soil in Wirral is a dangerous health hazard. If you are planning a new build on either a commercial or domestic site, Fibre Safe is qualified and willing to conduct soil testing to detect the presence of asbestos. The likely cause of the presence of asbestos in the soil is poor soil management during the demolition of a previous building on the site. If the demolition was of a building built between 1950 and 1980 it probably contained asbestos. Even if the demolition of the building was later in the century, care may not have been given to abatement. People were unaware of the dangers of asbestos and clean up guidelines had yet to take effect. Old houses were roofed and sided with asbestos. Some of those old houses were left to deteriorate and fall down, untouched for decades. When the debris was cleared nobody knew asbestos contaminated soil was left behind.

Fibre Safe wants to encourage planners of new builds on vacant sites to call us to conduct a survey of the property. In Wirral, asbestos in soil can be tested in our laboratory to determine contamination. However, it’s just as important to have a soil survey done when purchasing an existing building or home. Asbestos could have been left behind in soil if it was used in the construction of the current building. Top soil is often acquired from old construction sites and sifted of all debris seen by the naked eye. Asbestos cannot be seen by the naked eye so may be delivered and installed along with your new layer of topsoil.

Asbestos in soil in Wirral may be contained and harmless but you won’t know the risk until a survey is completed and the soil analysed. Fibre Safe, founded in 2004, is organised to manage asbestos found in homes and commercial buildings. We work with homeowners, demolition firms, and health and safety people to make sure the property is safe. Contact Fibre Safe to schedule a professional survey of your site. Our reports are easily read and understood. As a home buyer, this is a survey you should ask the homeowner for. With a report of a clean bill of health you can move into your next home with confidence.

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