Asbestos Disposal in Chester

Asbestos Disposal in ChesterAsbestos disposal in Chester is carefully regulated as is the removal of asbestos from buildings. We at Fibre Safe are fully equipped and trained to carry out the removal and disposal of this life-threatening substance often found in older buildings; even high profile buildings. As dangerous as the material is to health we have the expertise to remove and dispose of it efficiently and safely; often without total evacuation of building. In much of the building business can continue as usual because we isolate the contaminated areas, one by one, safely sealing them off from all other areas while we work to remove the fibrous material. Asbestos is dangerous when it’s airborne. When removing it we protect ourselves with safety equipment.

There are many regulations, certifications, accreditations and licensing requirements before a company can work in asbestos removal. In Chester, asbestos disposal is done under Environment Agency Guidelines. Fibre Safe, established in 2004, is accredited and licensed to operate waste transfer stations under those guidelines. As members of the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA), we follow strict guidelines in our removal practices. We hold membership in the construction health and safety scheme (CHAS) and the Cheshire & Merseyside Health & Safety Group. All of these organisations exist for the protection of the public and the contractors tasked with asbestos removal and disposal. We take our responsibilities seriously.

Asbestos is removed from a building, double bagged and transported in sealed skips for asbestos disposal in Chester. The approved disposal site is a designated landfill for hazardous waste. Researchers are busy working on more acceptable methods for disposal of asbestos with the hope of total destruction. For now, we have to use landfills so our air is not contaminated. Contact Fibre Safe and we’ll do a site inspection and survey for asbestos in your building. That especially needs to be done if your building was constructed prior to 1999 when building regulations stopped its use and labelled it as hazardous to health. Asbestos was a most useful product used in over 4000 building products. It would be difficult to find an older building that did not at some point contain asbestos products. If we find uncontained asbestos, it has to be removed and disposed of. We can do that safely with minimum disruption.

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