Asbestos in Soil in Chester

asbestos in soil in ChesterIf you need to find a company who are experts in dealing with asbestos in soil in Chester, look no further than the team at Fibre Safe! 65% of all homes in the United Kingdom have some kind of asbestos inside it, so it’s more likely than not that your home is among the offenders. When thinking about all the different places that it can be found, many people don’t think about their gardens, but it’s regularly found in soil. After thousands of tests were carried out, it was found that soil can harbour asbestos residue long after previous buildings are a distant memory or fly tipping has caused contamination.

Thankfully, if you live in Chester, asbestos in soil causing a long-term problem isn’t something that you need to worry about! Fibre Safe was set up in 2004 to help people across the North West of England and North Wales get access to a specialist team who can remove asbestos in a safe and professional way. It has been almost three decades since asbestos usage was banned, but our team have been finding it in buildings since our business launched last 13 years. Our qualified team survey, test and identify asbestos in its multiple hiding places, including in soil. We’ve worked with private homeowners and local authorises alike – asbestos knows no difference!

If our highly trained team of staff find asbestos in soil in Chester, then we’ll provide a detailed report which identifies our findings, before also putting together a management plan. That means you’ll know exactly what the plan is, and you can relax as we get to work making your property safe again! Contact Fibre Safe for help with asbestos in soil. Give us a call today and let us help you with our expertise on dealing with asbestos soil contamination.

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