Asbestos Training in Chester

Asbestos Training in ChesterAsbestos training in Chester is a legal requirement for workers in certain work places. This is the only way that workers can conform to the Health and Safety requirements for asbestos.  It has been used extensively in buildings for decades and it was only in 2000 that it was banned from new buildings.  As there are so many older buildings around, you or your workers are bound to come into contact with this hazardous material during your normal day to day work. It is essential that when encountering asbestos you are aware of the danger and how to work with it.

Current regulations require mandatory training for anyone liable to be exposed to asbestos fibres at work. In Chester, asbestos training can be done in groups up to 15 people at your premises or at our own venue. The certificate can be issued to those trainees that pass the test and show sufficient knowledge in the recognising and handling of asbestos. We aim to ensure the safety of all workers while helping you meet your legal requirements. When it comes to the actual removal of asbestos we have the equipment and expertise to safely remove any asbestos that may be found during a project. If it cannot be removed we can encapsulate the material so that it cannot escape into the air and cause health problems.

We offer comprehensive asbestos training in Chester.  Contact Fibre Safe today and arrange a course with our professional trainers.  We are also able to visit your premises for a one on one session. This is a little more expensive than a group session but it allows the trainee to benefit from a more intense course.  The trainer can identify where knowledge is lacking and can make sure the trainee is thoroughly competent before issuing the asbestos awareness certificate. If you are a tradesman, maintenance worker or builder this certificate is a legal requirement and you can be prosecuted for working without the necessary certification. Ensure awareness and safety for your workers with professional asbestos training.

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