Asbestos Training in Chester

Asbestos Training in ChesterAsbestos training in Chester is a smart thing to do. Asbestos training is necessary as part of your asbestos management plan. If you have had a survey done, and asbestos-containing materials have been found in your building, it is your duty to manage the asbestos. This is a legal requirement. Training is a necessity for those who work in your building, especially those who are likely to come across asbestos-containing materials. Those who are at risk of exposure are maintenance workers and caretakers. Exposure to asbestos is fatal as when it is disturbed, the airborne fibres can be inhaled. This will cause fatal diseases. To ensure that you met the required legislation and to keep the occupants of your building, asbestos training is a must.

For your members of staff and occupants of your building in Chester, asbestos training is just a call away. We offer one on one training that can be arranged in the comfort of your own living room. One of our specialised trainers can visit your home to provide you with the necessary skills and information required to be presented with an asbestos awareness certificate. If it is more suitable, we also offer group training sessions.  A teacher can provide much more intense training as well as identify where knowledge is lacking and as a result, this training is invaluable.

Asbestos training in Chester is necessary. We have many years of experience working with a wide variety of sectors. Our client list includes everyone from domestic homeowners right through to national contractors and local authorities. For more information for asbestos training, do not hesitate to contact Fibre Safe today. We are one of the leading asbestos companies in North Wales and the North West area, specialising in all aspects of commercial and domestic asbestos services. So do the smart thing today and sign up, because, with us, you will get the very best training.

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