Asbestos Soil Testing in Chester

Asbestos Soil Testing in ChesterWhen you need asbestos soil testing in Chester, Fibre Safe is the environmental company you want. Asbestos found in the soil is usually the result of the demolition of asbestos containing buildings. Most buildings built before 1990 contained asbestos in roof shingles, concrete, as an insulator and more. Environmentally safe construction  practices were not closely followed even though it was well known asbestos could be a health hazard. Asbestos containing building materials continued to be used. Some likely found its way into the ground.  Buildings that were demolished prior to that time would likely not have undergone an asbestos removal before demolition. To take it one step further, the demolition site may have been excavated for new construction and the asbestos containing landfill used elsewhere as fill or topsoil.

Today if you want to demo a building the asbestos has to be contained, removed and disposed of safely. Even after asbestos removal takes place in Chester, asbestos soil testing is still necessary before reconstruction begins. Once in the soil, it doesn’t just disappear. Pick up a handful of soil and stone at a demolition or construction site and likely asbestos fibres will escape when you crumble it. The asbestos in the soil becomes dangerous when it’s disturbed. Fibre Safe undertakes soil testing and prepares reports and recommendations for municipalities, building contractors and schools. We prepare a risk assessment based on the kind of asbestos present in the soil and the condition. We then develop an appropriate plan for management.

When we conduct asbestos soil testing in Chester, our technicians at Fibre Safe analyse the soil and any remnant building materials are tested separately. We may do an air quality test if needed. We are a leading environmental service with many years in the industry. Our technicians are highly trained for skill and safety in all areas of asbestos management. Contact Fibre Safe for expert and professional services when planning an excavation, demolition or construction project. We will prepare the reports you need to secure a permit and set your mind at ease. You may get a report showing no asbestos is present. However, if our findings show asbestos is present, we will prepare a comprehensive management plan. Your project will reach completion without risk of asbestos contamination

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