Asbestos Testing in Chester

Asbestos Testing in ChesterAsbestos testing in Chester is the best thing you could do for the safety of your family or employees.The effects of asbestos-related disease can be devastating, and it is vital that steps are taken to ensure that contact with asbestos containing materials is removed. Asbestos was regarded as an excellent building material and was extensively used in the construction business for many years. It is now required by law that all older buildings are tested for the presence of asbestos for the safety of the occupants.

For your older building in Chester, asbestos testing should be dome if you suspect the presence of asbestos. Speak to us at Fibre Safe. We are your ‘one-stop shop’ when it comes to all matters concerning asbestos. Established in 2004, we continue to provide asbestos solutions to our commercial and domestic clients. If you are concerned, give us a call and we will schedule a time for a site visit. Here we can take a sample of the suspected asbestos containing material for removal for testing. We will analyse the material to determine what kind of asbestos is present in the material and what concentration it contains. Asbestos is not harmful if it remains undisturbed. It is when it is disturbed that it releases fibres into the air. When these fibres are inhaled, it can cause respiratory disease such as asbestosis and lung cancer.

Do not delay if you suspect asbestos material in your building and schedule asbestos testing in Chester as soon as possible. Contact Fibre Safe today for professional and thorough asbestos testing. We will take a sample of the material. As this is a straight forward task, and will not pose any danger to the occupants of your building. Once the sample has been analysed, we will inform you of the result. Should it be required, and if any asbestos is found in the sample,  we will provide free impartial advice on how to deal with the material the testing confirm asbestos is present. Our service is fast, efficient and professional. The sample from your building will be tested in a UKAS accredited laboratory.

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