Asbestos Removal in Chester

Asbestos Removal in ChesterWhen a survey of the premises shows the need for asbestos removal in Chester, we at Fibre Safe are fully equipped to undertake the job safely. We are a highly trained team of professionals with considerable experience in all aspect of asbestos management and removal under any kind of conditions. We cannot overestimate the importance of knowledge and experience when removing asbestos. It is an environmental health hazard that can remain dangerous until contained, removed and disposed of according to government guidelines. Asbestos fibres released into the air are nearly invisible which makes them more deadly and likely to be accidentally inhaled into the lungs.

Our team has removed asbestos from private homes, schools, apartment buildings, offices, hospitals and government buildings. We have locations in Wales, Liverpool, Wirral and Manchester. Ideally, in Chester, Asbestos Removal would be undertaken in a vacant building. That is not always or even often possible. We know it can be a hardship to shut down your business, evacuate the apartment building or hospital while asbestos is being removed. In most instances, the job can be done by sealing off the section being worked in from the rest of the building activity. As long as it is done correctly by professionals with the right equipment, the process is safe.

Fibre Safe technicians wear protective clothing and equipment while undertaking asbestos removal in Chester. Working within a sealed chamber, the asbestos is removed and placed in hazmat bags for transport to an authorised disposal site. Asbestos removal should never be undertaken by unskilled labourers. Once those fibres escape into the air, there is no getting them back. If you suspect you may have asbestos present and are concerned about the environmental safety in your building contact Fibre Safe. We can perform a survey to determine if asbestos needs removal. If it’s safe as it is then we monitor it but if it needs to come out we are the company that can do the job safely, legally and efficiently at a fair price.

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