Asbestos Garage Removal in Wallasey

Asbestos Garage Removal in WallaseyFor help with an asbestos garage removal in Wallasey, call Fibre Safe. Asbestos is a durable material and that’s why it’s still intact in many places like old garages. Asbestos, a great insulator and fire retardant, was used in the garage siding shingles and in the roof shingles. As long as it’s contained and undamaged there is probably no harm being done. It can stay like that a long time until you decide to tear it down and build a new garage. You can’t just demolish that old garage and put up a new one in its place because you will disrupt all that asbestos, spewing microscopic fibres into the air. When you or someone else breathes in the fibres there is a risk of deadly lung disease.

For your property in Wallasey, an asbestos garage removal requires a number of steps. Before you start tearing down and rebuilding your garage you will, by law, require a demolition survey. That is because if you are going to have workers on site then the premises must be safe. Call us at Fibre Safe and we will come out and do a survey for you. This kind of survey is intrusive so that we can get at every area that may contain asbestos. That means once we start there will be damage to the structure. The next step is removal of the asbestos containing products by our certified staff. We have the latest equipment for both personal protection and containment of the asbestos so when it’s removed, fibre’s won’t escape into the air or ground.

We may make a secure bubble around the structure for asbestos garage removal in Wallasey. We will dismantle it piece by piece inside the protective bubble. All of it is secured and transported to a safe disposal site. Our guys are safe in their protective suits and your environment is safe because the threat is contained. We have a lot of experience executing asbestos removal operations. If you are thinking about as asbestos garage removal, contact Fibre Safe so we can survey it for the presence of asbestos. If you decide to proceed with the demolition, trust us to make the whole area safe before you build a new garage.

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