Asbestos Survey in Burnley

asbestos survey in BurnleyAn asbestos survey in Burnley is often carried out on domestic properties. We offer a complete home buyers survey which entails our highly qualified surveyors taking samples of objects in the house that may contain asbestos. This is very important as removal of asbestos from a home can be very expensive. If asbestos is found in the house we will deliver a floor plan of the house detailing the location, condition and extent of the asbestos found. We will also give you a complete risk assessment and advice on how to best deal with the problem. Do not assume that because the property is not very old that it does not contain asbestos. Up until 1999 asbestos was still used in various forms in homes. It was only prohibited after 2000. So even a fairly modern home could have asbestos in it. Houses that are older than a few decades will very likely have some asbestos although it is more the condition of the asbestos that plays a role. If the asbestos is not causing a problem it can be encapsulated.

If you suspect that there are hazardous materials in your property in Burnley, an asbestos survey must be carried out by an accredited company. Asbestos has been used extensively in buildings between the 1950’s to the 1980’s. It was used fire insulation and fireproofing and well as being extensively used as roofing on commercial buildings. We survey all commercial buildings when renovations are necessary as there has to be an asbestos risk assessment carried out to protect the building contractors. If the asbestos cannot be encapsulated it need to be removed. We will help you draw up an asbestos management plan for your property. It is your duty as part of the Control of Asbestos regulations.

An asbestos survey in Burnley is most important. Contact Fibre Safe today and arrange a survey for your property. Whether your property is a domestic or commercial building you have to have an asbestos risk assessment carried out on it.

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