Asbestos Awareness in Southport

Asbestos Awareness in SouthportAsbestos awareness in Southport will allow an understanding of what asbestos is and why it must be treated with caution. While many people think asbestos is a man-made material, it is actually a natural occurring mineral that is found in the ground. It was found all over the world, but was mined mainly in South Africa, Russia and Canada. Regarded as a wonder building material, it was extensively used in the building trade because of its good thermal properties and its stability at high temperatures. It was often added to other building materials.

It took many years of using the wonder material before the dangers of asbestos were exposed. In Southport, asbestos awareness is vitally important for employees working in buildings or properties where asbestos containing materials may be present. It is the lawful duty of any employer or property owner to ensure that his employees or tenants are aware of the threat of asbestos. Many older building still contain asbestos, or asbestos containing materials. While asbestos is not harmful in itself, it is when it is disturbed that it becomes a danger. When it is moved, it will release tiny fibres into the air. Inhaling these fibres can cause incurable diseases and cancers such as asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

To ensure asbestos awareness in Southport in your business, speak to an expert company that conducts training and asbestos awareness courses. Contact Fibre Safe today to find out more about our asbestos awareness programme. As the ‘duty to manage’ regulation falls under the property owner’s responsibility, it makes sense to use experts in the field to inform employees and create awareness. Our asbestos awareness programmes are designed for groups of up to 15 people at a time. It can be undertaken at our venue, or if it is more convenient for you, at your premises. The dangers of asbestos should not be taken lightly. Ensure effective awareness of all your staff and speak to Fibre Safe for an asbestos awareness programme

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