Asbestos Disposal in Runcorn

asbestos disposal in RuncornSafe asbestos disposal in Runcorn is subject to stringent regulations that must be observed for the public safety. The removal of asbestos should not be undertaken by untrained individuals because improper handling is a health risk to those handling it as well as those who will occupy that space. Once the fibres escape into the air there is no taking them back. Once a fibre is inhaled into the lungs the potential for lung disease multiplies. As experts in the field of asbestos surveys, management and removal, we at Fibre Safe want to underline the hazards associated each step of the way. The removal and disposal of asbestos is not a do-it-yourself job. We have a wealth of experience, education and information to share so bring your questions and concerns to us and we will safely work through your project with you.

Since 2004 Fibre Safe has been providing commercial and domestic asbestos services in Runcorn and all of the North West UK and North Wales area. In Runcorn. Asbestos disposal is an important aspect of the whole. We operate according to Hazardous Waste Regulations using U.N. approved waste bags. We hold a hazardous waste license to transport the bagged asbestos to the landfill site which itself is designated and licensed for that purpose. The regulations are in place for the safety of the general public. Fibre Safe also has regulations for the health and safety of their own technicians as well as technologically advanced safety equipment.

Fibre Safe is a comprehensive company for management of asbestos disposal in Runcorn. We welcome your calls with questions, requests for surveys, staff instructions and quotes for asbestos removal and disposal. Contact Fibre Safe for a complete list of asbestos services carried out with a staff trained to protect the health and safety of all occupants of the contaminated premises. You will find our staff goes above and beyond to insure our customers understand the process of safe disposal. We serve domestic and commercial clients and for the health and safety of our students, we operate the Safe Schools Programme to ensure our schools are safe for both students and staff.

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