Asbestos Testing in Cumbria

Asbestos Testing in CumbriaAre you concerned about the presence of asbestos on your property and would like to conduct asbestos testing in Cumbria to ensure the health and safety of your family, staff or others who use the premises? Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral which appears thin, tightly packed and fibrous in nature. Being strong and fire-proof, asbestos was extensively used as insulation, fire-proofing and as construction material in the building industry. However, in modern times, it was found to pose a serious health risk as it is directly linked to lung cancer and mesothelioma. The fibres, being light and thin, become airborne and people breathe them into their lungs, causing scarring, blockage and damage to the lungs. Hence, there is an urgent need to ensure that buildings, especially older ones don’t contain asbestos materials. This requires initial testing and we at Fibre Safe can assist you with this.

It’s important to know the age of the building. In Cumbria, asbestos testing should definitely be carried out on older buildings, especially those constructed between 1929 and 1989. It was after 1989 that environmental protection agencies began imposing regulations about safety and health issues concerning asbestos. Asbestos was also widely used not just in construction, but also in gas heaters, dryers, clothing, and automotive braking systems. It is also commonly found in walls, floors, pipes, textured paints, coatings, electrical wiring, and insulation systems. As long as the asbestos remains in good condition it does not pose an immediate hazard, but if there are signs of degrading, it should be quickly and safely removed after testing.

Asbestos testing in Cumbria is offered by several safety and security agencies, but not all of them may be qualified, licensed and trained to conduct such tests. We can provide air testing, ambient air and background air tests, clearance and reassurance tests that are required by government regulations to monitor and safely remove hazardous asbestos. Contact Fibre Safe and we can conduct asbestos testing in accordance with the latest HSG 248 procedures. We also have our own in-house with a complete audit trail and project completion packages keeping your health and safety uppermost.

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