Asbestos Garage Removal in Bootle

asbestos garage removal in BootleWe are experienced with asbestos garage removal in Bootle at Fibre Safe. As the most comprehensive environmental control company in the area , we have well educated and trained technicians. Most of us use our garages for more than parking cars these days. Many of us have never parked a car in our garage. We use them to store our sport equipment, gardening supplies and as a place to work on hobbies. They hold up the basketball net and shelter your pool or ping-pong table. If you are thinking of removing an old garage and building a spacious new one, call Fibre Safe first. We will conduct a demolition survey of the building to make sure it is free of asbestos before demolition begins.

The reason you want an asbestos survey before demolition is to protect the safety of yourself and others. If asbestos is present in your garage in Bootle, asbestos garage removal will need to be carried out before demolition begins. If you fail to contain and remove the asbestos, the tear down will release asbestos fibres into air. They may be breathed into the lungs of people who live, work or pass through the site. For some, the result could be lifelong illness and even death. Once the fibres get embedded in the lung tissue they stay, causing irregular cell growth around them.

Asbestos garage removal in Bootle may be necessary if your garage is old. When it was first constructed, asbestos-containing roof shingles and siding may have been used because of its inexpensive insulating properties. Before you tear it down that asbestos has to be removed, and the site cleaned up to make sure none is left in the ground. Even if you don’t tear it down, it needs to be surveyed to make sure none of the asbestos is damaged, releasing dangerous fibres into the environment. Contact Fibre Safe for asbestos garage removal and we will arrange for the survey and remediation. If the asbestos is kept undisturbed and undamaged, you can keep the old garage. We will provide guidelines in their survey for safe management of existing asbestos.

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