Asbestos in Soil in Birkenhead

asbestos in soil in BirkenheadIt is not unusual to discover the presence of asbestos in soil in Birkenhead and because of the fear surrounding the lethal element, it may send waves of panic among construction workers, or even the inhabitants. Knowing how to manage the situation will have different implications for people living in the area in the future and to minimise the damage that asbestos can create.

At Fibre Safe, we have specialised and trained teams who have the knowledge and the skills to assess the danger level that the asbestos may present and find solutions that are appropriate according to the findings. In Birkenhead, asbestos in soil can be determined by our team. We will send a team to understand the problem and find more about the magnitude of the issue. Once the teams have identified that there is indeed asbestos present in the soil, they will then specify  the amount that is present, in other words, they will find out whether the amount of asbestos found in the soil is significant and how much of a danger it is. In some cases, the teams will have to find solutions to remedy the situation, in other cases, when the asbestos level is less that 0.1%, then the soil may be deemed non-hazardous. Whether you are in the construction business or you are a property manager in charge of a building, you will need to work closely with our teams to determine whether the property and the area you are working in is safe. Our teams can provide clear reports about asbestos and helpful recommendations in order to ensure the people in the building remain safe from any exposure.

Our company was established in 2004 with the aim of providing help and deal with the presence of asbestos in soil in Birkenhead. We understand that exposure to asbestos can destroy a person’s health and well-being. Contact Fibre Safe if you would like assistance in determining whether there is asbestos in soil. We will carry out assessments and recommend tailored solutions if needs be. We provide our services to both domestic and commercial sectors.

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