Asbestos Training in Cheshire

Asbestos training in CheshireAsbestos training in Cheshire is helpful for owners and managers of commercial properties. They are required by law to assess and manage the risk of asbestos contamination in their buildings. The building owner is expected know what areas may contain asbestos and keep a record of those locations. They are required to monitor any changes in the condition of the asbestos. Building owners are to have a plan to manage the asbestos and implement their plan quickly. How many building owners and managers out there even know how to do all of that? Even if you think you do know, what if you assess the risk incorrectly. Would you recognise asbestos if you saw it? This is the kind of legal requirement where you could use some risk sharing instead of having the whole responsibility on your shoulders.

For building owners in Cheshire, asbestos training along with shared responsibility is a service of Fibre Safe. Fibre Safe is a leading asbestos management and abatement company in the Northwest and North Wales. The company was established in 2004 and since that time they have been involved in every aspect of asbestos management, stripping and removal. Their expertise extends to all commercial and domestic buildings as well as demolition before new builds. They started a safe school program to help protect children from the debilitating effects of asbestos fibres. Their commitment, training and experience is undeniable.

How can Fibre Safe help the owners of buildings with asbestos training in Cheshire so they can comply with legal requirements? First, Fibre Safe will do a survey of the property to seek out and document any asbestos in the buildings. Based on those findings, they will implement a management plan. The plan may involve regular checks and maintenance or removal of any asbestos in the building. Regardless of the survey results, Fibre Safe will design a custom management package and help you implement the plan. Contact Fibre Safe today if you would like more information about asbestos training. They offer a free service to all building owners and managers. They offer a free assessment of your survey data, management plan and policy to make sure you are legally compliant.

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