Asbestos Soil Testing in Crewe

Asbestos Soil Testing in CreweAsbestos soil testing in Crewe is performed by Fibre Safe. This is one of the key services it provides to clients needing to establish if there is asbestos present at a brownfield site. In the United Kingdom, a brownfield site refers to a site on which there was previous development and has the potential for redevelopment. Often this land would be been used previously for industrial or commercial uses, and there is a possibility that it is contaminated with hazardous material. This differs in the United States where the definition brownfield always refers to abandoned industrial land that is contaminated with hazardous materials and pollutants. The presence of asbestos in soil is a problem but it is not as severe as when asbestos is found in building materials. There are ways in which it can be managed without requiring a costly excavation and disposal to landfill.

In Crewe, asbestos soil testing begins with ascertaining the extent of the contamination. Asbestos is a physical contaminant. In other words, the fragments of asbestos are found as a component of the soil. Boreholes or trial pits can be required to investigate the subsurface of the soil. The complication is that the client often does not want scarring of the land to occur as the testing is often performed in the pre-purchasing phase. The correct type of testing must be agreed, and Fibre Safe will provide expert advice in this regard. The amount of contamination in the soil can then be assessed, and the appropriate management or action can be prescribed.

When it comes to asbestos soil testing in Crewe, Fibre Safe considers two aspects to be important. Firstly it is important that the approach taken ensures that any potential risk to the environment and people is properly assessed, minimised, managed and meets all regulatory requirements. Secondly, it is important that the proposed solution is cost effective and enables the client to proceed with their plans, whether it is the development or the sale of the land. When you need asbestos soil testing, call in the experts. Contact Fibre Safe and speak to one of their specialists about asbestos soil testing.

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