Asbestos in Soil Testing in Liverpool

asbestos in soil testing in LiverpoolAsbestos in soil testing in Liverpool becomes important to avoid the risk it poses to the health of people. Asbestos in soil is a concern with new housing developments for instance. With more housing being required in the UK, the use of former industrial land is being used for residential purposes. It goes without saying that the chances of finding asbestos and other contaminants in the soil is high. Before 2000 in the UK, asbestos was widely used in construction, being found often in partition walling, fire doors as well as other commonly used products. Fibresafe started out in 2004 so as to provide sought after asbestos solutions, and their professionalism and expertise has meant them becoming one of the leading asbestos companies in the North West and North Wales area.

In Liverpool, asbestos in soil testing extends to all sectors, from domestic clients to national contractors. Fibresafe is continuously investing in training and technology to ensure that their team can perform all their asbestos related tasks to the highest standard. They also work with the likes of architects and demolition firms, providing clear reports on the way forward when asbestos is present. It is not uncommon for the Fibresafe team to find asbestos in housing developments. The danger of asbestos in soil is made worse by the fact that asbestos fibres aren’t always visible, meaning it can be easily inhaled.

Asbestos in soil testing in Liverpool draws attention to the fact that there is risk within friable loose fibres found within the soil. These can be freed when the soil is disturbed. The Fibresafe team assess whether the asbestos material is friable or bonded, they assess the extent of asbestos contamination and they follow all the right procedures for the remediation of the construction sites. With Fibresafe, you can be sure that the issue of asbestos-contaminated soil will be dealt with effectively and never with any risk to anyone. For more information about safe asbestos in soil testing, contact Fibresafe.

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