Asbestos Survey in North Wales

Asbestos survey in North WalesAsbestos survey in North Wales is undertaken by Fibresafe, one of the leading asbestos companies in the North West and North Wales. We deal with domestic as well as commercial asbestos surveys. Surveys must, by law, be done on any local authority or registered landlords properties to establish how safe the buildings are and what asbestos is present and in what condition. Should it be necessary we will encapsulate any exposed asbestos. We use our specialist surveyors for the initial and annual checks and our qualified and experienced team for routine maintenance thereafter. Before any renovations or extensions to older buildings, the client must provide contractors with specific details about the presence of asbestos in the building.

In North Wales, an asbestos survey is a legal obligation before demolishing or refurbishment of buildings to inform the renovators of how much and what type of asbestos in the building. Asbestos management entails inspection and maintenance, encapsulation of any exposed asbestos, isolation and signs and labelling. Home buyers need an accurate asbestos report before purchasing a property. We specialise in domestic asbestos removal in a professional and efficient manner and safe, expert disposal. We will also sample and analyse various paints and other wall coatings as many of the older brands contain asbestos. Should these prove to be harmful we will remove and dispose of it.

Asbestos survey in North Wales is important for your and your family’s safety. We also specialise in a variety of hazardous waste collection and disposal. We have an emergency 24 hour call out for those unforeseen disasters when your asbestos ceiling collapses and you need an instant cleaning crew with experience in asbestos handling and safety. Many heating systems and boilers use asbestos and need to be securely disposed of in an accredited asbestos waste yard. Our yard can be open 24 hours with prior notification. For details concerning an asbestos survey, contact Fibresafe.

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