Asbestos Awareness Training in Wirral

Asbestos Awareness Training in WirralFibre Safe has been accepted as a professional member of the UK Asbestos Training Association (UKATA) with full accreditation for asbestos awareness training in Wirral.  

Our own employees are fully trained in the asbestos awareness, containment and removal according to British standards. Since other businesses and trades are legally required to provide asbestos awareness training, Fibre Safe has conducted certificate classes as a service. Taking it one step further and becoming an UKATA Approved Training Provider is important to us because we are committed to a high training standard. We want to be at the forefront of innovative and improved training. When other businesses see the UKATA membership logo next to our company name, they will know their employees will receive the finest asbestos awareness training.

In Wirral, Asbestos Awareness Training with Fibre Safe includes the latest safety information. As UKATA professional members we have access to research and technology as it becomes available. Fibre Safe tries to make our asbestos awareness training program easily accessible to employers. We can accommodate fifteen people in each class. The classes are available at our training location or our instructors can come to your business location. The requirement for asbestos awareness training is mandatory for anyone likely to encounter exposed asbestos at their workplace. Maintenance workers, building contractors, plumbing and heating technicians and electricians are a few categories that fall under the mandatory umbrella.

Asbestos awareness training in Wirral is Fibre Safe’s commitment to the health, safety and education of those most at risk. Since the inception of our company in 2004 the goal has been to provide a total asbestos solution for all circumstances, commercial and domestic. We want the best tools and technology to perform a superior service for our clients. Bringing our training level up to UKATA standards was just the next step in being the best Asbestos specialists in Wirral. Bring your employees to our training program so they are legally certified and safe. For asbestos awareness training, contact Fibre Safe.

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