Asbestos Awareness in Crewe

Asbestos awareness in CreweAsbestos awareness in Crewe is imperative because experts believe that in just a few hours,¬†exposure to the toxic fibres of asbestos is enough to trigger serious medical conditions such as cancer later in life.¬†With asbestos still found in many buildings in the UK, most people don’t even realise that they are exposed to it. People are inclined to think that because asbestos stopped being used years ago, it isn’t an issue. The Fibre Safe team know this isn’t true and they set up business in 2004 to provide complete asbestos awareness and solutions. The skilled team specialise in domestic and commercial services and extend these services into the North West- and North Wales area. Fibre Safe have offices in Wirral, Liverpool, Manchester and North Wales, working across the entire country. They make sure they are constantly up to date with the latest trends in asbestos awareness- and removal, ensuring their members remain the skilled, experienced team they are renowned for.

In Crewe, asbestos awareness is all about working with the likes of architects, demolition firms and health and safety consultants so as to provide clear and concise reports concerning refurbishment- and demolition projects. They also have their Safe School programme, to ensure that children and staff are protected from asbestos. They review the schools asbestos managements plans and offer a free consultancy to ensure excellent management of asbestos is in place.

Fibre Safe are asbestos specialists and for asbestos awareness in Crewe, you want to ensure that you’ve got the best team behind you – people concerned about your health and safety. Offering a 24/7 call out, free quotations with no hidden charges, working to health and safety standards and a multi-skilled workforce who are up to date with all aspects of asbestos, it would seem you’re putting your health at risk if you don’t rope in the services of this skilled and amicable asbestos awareness team. For more about asbestos awareness, contact Fibre Safe.

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