Asbestos Management in Flintshire

Asbestos Management in FlintshireWe love our old buildings but asbestos management in Flintshire is necessary if we want to keep them safe for public use. At Fibre Safe, our aim is to do just that. We have  a comprehensive list of services to benefit domestic housing, commercial buildings and especially our schools. We have been in business since 2004 with a technical team that continues to invest in the latest training and technology. That is how we maintain our reputation as a leading asbestos solution company in the North West. An asbestos survey to assess risk provided by Fibre Safe will give you valuable information about the safety of your buildings.

In Flintshire, asbestos management in school buildings is essential to end the health risk to school children and staff. Decades ago, when the use of asbestos for fireproof insulation was common in schools, it was effective and economical. No one could predict the hidden potential health risks it presented to the children. Schools are legally required to have an asbestos management plan and perform regular checks. Fibre Safe realised that schools were struggling to understand and meet the requirements so we launched our Safe School Programme. Through a series of seminars offered to schools in England and Wales, we offer asbestos management education to school staff. Fibre Safe provides reports, surveys and guidance for our schools.

Those planning to purchase residential homes, rental buildings or residential facilities for the elderly and infirm will benefit from Fibre Safe asbestos management in Flintshire. We will prepare a complete survey of the property including insulation, paint, soil, interior and exterior building materials. If we find asbestos present we will make recommendations for safe containment and removal including an estimate of the cost.  The same survey and reports are important for building owners and contractors planning to demolish an existing building to make way for a new one. An asbestos containing structure cannot be bulldozed until all asbestos is removed from the building and disposed of safely. Fibre Safe is equipped with the knowledge, tools and experience to perform that removal without contaminating the surrounding environment.  Fibre Safe is there for you in an emergency for collection of hazardous waste. Contact Fibre Safe for more information regarding asbestos management.

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