Safe Asbestos Management in North Wales

Safe Asbestos Management in North WalesAsbestos management in North Wales is important because it is your legal duty to manage asbestos if you own a business. Asbestos is only dangerous when disturbed, but you need to take steps to avoid unnecessary disturbance. Established in 2004, Fibre Safe is your asbestos solutions one-stop shop. They are the leading asbestos company in the North West- and North Wales area, helping both domestic and commercial clients. They work within a wide variety of sectors and are equipped with all the latest knowledge and tool to tackle any job to the highest standard.

North Wales asbestos management is always of the highest quality and this is because the Fibre Safe team works with health and safety consultants as well as architects and demolition firms to produce easy reading reports. In 2011, they also relaunched their Safe School programme to ensure that schools are protected from asbestos too. The Fibre Safe team travel to different schools in Wales and England to review the asbestos management plans they have in place and to offer advice on how to manage asbestos.

Asbestos management in North Wales isn’t to be taken lightly. Even though asbestos is illegal, it is still found in homes, offices, shops and schools and it’s a killer. Asbestos was used in building materials until a few years ago, and all buildings built before the year 2000 are likely to have asbestos present. When you believe that asbestos is present and may be a threat, you need 100% experts in the field of asbestos removal. Fibre Safe have qualified, competent staff who are thoroughly experienced in every aspect of asbestos management and who work to health and safety standards while upholding strict client confidentiality. They are available 24/7and they offer the safest asbestos solutions there are. For more information about asbestos management, contact Fibre Safe.

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