Asbestos Removal in Northwich

Asbestos Removal in NorthwichHaving asbestos present in the house can be dangerous and that’s why Fibresafe, a company specialising in asbestos removal in Northwich offers their well sought after services. Asbestos has been found in British houses since the end of the 19th century but unfortunately, it was only after 1999 that it became illegal. Before the dangers of asbestos were exposed, it was widely used in buildings all over the UK and if you have a home that was built before 1999, it is quite probable that asbestos might be present. However, the presence of asbestos will not cause any harm as long as the materials are not disturbed and they are not released in the air.

In Northwich, asbestos removal is suitably done by Fibresafe. Asbestos can also be found in ceiling tiles. Among the other places where you could find that asbestos has been used are old oven gloves and fire blankets, vinyl floors, thermoplastic floors, lagging of pipes or boilers, heating systems, seals on cooker doors, asbestos cement products which may include gutters, water tanks, rainwater pipes and so on. And when you find asbestos in your house, it is always better to leave it alone and let the professionals handle it. Moving or disturbing the asbestos can be much more dangerous than just letting it be. If you suspect that there is damaged or deteriorating asbestos in your house, reach out to Fibresafe so that they can tackle the issue without furthering any more damage. Touching the asbestos without any safety precautions will release the harmful fibres in the air and might affect the health of the people in the surrounding area.

In case you suspect damaged or deteriorating asbestos materials, call Fibresafe for asbestos removal in Northwich. The company which was set up in 2014 is your one stop shop when it comes to asbestos solutions. The company invests in training their team to handle asbestos and provide them with the latest technology to make sure they complete their work in all safety. To find out more about effective and safe asbestos removal, contact Fibresafe.

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