Asbestos Disposal in Runcorn

Asbestos Disposal in RuncornAsbestos disposal in Runcorn, as in all the UK, has to follow certain guidelines. At Fibresafe, we worry about property owners feeling safe removing asbestos themselves. Perhaps they have found some wrapped around old piping or stuffed as insulation in an attic. They take a big risk handling such a toxic substance. They risk their own health of course, but when those asbestos fibres become airborne, the safety of countless others is at risk. Only professionals should engage in removing and disposing of asbestos. Great effort is being put forth to remove the presence of asbestos in our environment. For so many years, it was a common product used in everything from toothpaste, to roof shingles to cigarettes. So many household products as well as commercial products contained asbestos that removing it is a daunting task. Fibresafe is at the forefront of that effort.

There are rules in Runcorn for asbestos disposal. Hazardous Waste Laws exist for the safety of the citizens of our country. According to environmental laws, asbestos is double bagged in U.N. approved hazardous waste bags. Those performing the task will wear protective gear to protect themselves and those with whom they meet. Licensing is required for asbestos removal/disposal companies to transport the material from the scene. Once contained, the waste is ready for transport to a licensed landfill site. Rules call for a waste consignment note be issued after disposal. Fibresafe meets all qualifications including a proper containment vehicle. If you have asbestos for disposal, our technicians will collect and dispose of it according to legal controls.

Asbestos disposal in Runcorn is one of many services offered by Fibresafe. We specialise in every area of asbestos safety. We work with homeowners, landlords, local authorities and large national contractors. We prepare surveys, remove asbestos, do safety checks, supervise demolition sites and work with schools. We began a Safe School programme to protect our children and teachers from asbestos. Fibresafe invests in the latest technology and makes every effort to stay up with new findings and techniques to protect the public from this hazardous material. For effective asbestos disposal, contact Fibresafe.

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