Get Professional Asbestos Testing and Removal of Artex in Wirral

Asbestos Testing and Removal of Artex in WirralMany people underestimate the importance of asbestos testing and removal of artex in Wirral, especially of artex ceilings. Most are unaware of the dangers and health implications associated with exposed asbestos and asbestos fibres. New legislation in the UK requires all building projects to undergo asbestos testing. Why such a hype about asbestos? It is a naturally occurring substance that was once used to increase strength of building materials. Sometimes asbestos is also added to insulation and making things fire-proof. Up until the 1970s, asbestos and its hidden dangers were largely unexplored. Today, due to the significant problems that do occur from asbestos exposure, it has come under strict legislation. When asbestos is inhaled, ingested or you are exposed to it somehow, it can lead to health issues. Usually the presence of asbestos does not cause a problem, but with time asbestos fibres start to wear and tear and break. When they mix up with atmospheric oxygen, it can be accidentally breathed in, leading to significant health issues such as lesions in the lungs. Who can you contact for testing and removal of asbestos?

In Wirral, asbestos testing and removal of artex is reliably done by Fibre Safe. For over a decade, they have been providing solutions to commercial and residential clients about asbestos management and removal. If you suspect the presence of asbestos in your ceilings, then start by calling Fibre Safe. They will visit your location and conduct a visual investigation for indicators of asbestos. This investigation entails an inspection of the walls, pipe works, insulation and flooring materials.

If you would like to conduct reliable asbestos testing and removal of artex in Wirral, contact Fibre Safe. Sometimes the presence of asbestos isn’t as obvious to spot, so the staff member might take a sample to a UKAS approved laboratory and conduct a test to confirm the presence of asbestos. If the result is positive, then the staff person will provide you with suggestions on how to safely remove asbestos from your premises, including from the artex in your ceiling.  For peace of mind and asbestos testing and removal of artex, be sure to contact Fibre Safe.

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