The Benefits of a Housing Association Asbestos Survey in Liverpool

Housing Association Asbestos Survey in LiverpoolDo you require a housing association asbestos survey in Liverpool? In recent decades, the hazards of exposure to asbestos have made people aware of the potential risks that may lie hidden in their older houses, offices, commercial buildings, factories, schools and public buildings. Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate material which was discovered centuries ago and mined in various parts of the world. Since the 19th century, it became extensively used as an insulating material for electrical appliances, as roofing, flooring, packing material etc. It is easy to work with, sound-proof, fire-resistant, strong, durable, resistant to heat and chemical damage and economical. However, since then, its toxic nature has also made people wary of the risks involved in asbestos exposure. Serious, potentially fatal illnesses like lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis, apart from allergies and toxic reactions are some of the risks. New legislation building projects require testing of soil for asbestos, and it is equally important for older buildings to be tested for asbestos to minimise any risks to the residents.

In Liverpool, housing association asbestos surveys are conducted to manage use and exposure to asbestos in common areas of residential buildings. Since housing associations have a duty to care for the safety and welfare of residents, they must ensure that anyone who is exposed to asbestos in the building is trained and aware of the risks involved. The survey helps housing association office bearers to conduct a thorough inspection of all the areas where asbestos is used and manage it effectively. The location, type and amount of asbestos-containing materials are identified. Based on this, the necessary precautions can be taken. The condition of the asbestos is also assessed and it can be replaced with a non-toxic material if required.

Housing association asbestos surveys in Liverpool can be carried out by an experienced, trained professional firm like Fibre Safe who can deliver an efficient, safe and viable solution to deal with asbestos in your premises. Based on the survey, the housing association committee can prepare an asbestos risk register. This will help them to formulate a systematic plan to manage asbestos in the premises. Regular inspections can be carried out to assess the condition of the asbestos, any additions, alterations, deletions or removals can be recorded and deterioration can be monitored.  If you require more information, contact Fibre Safe.

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