Asbestos Collection and Disposal in Liverpool

Asbestos Collection and Disposal in Liverpool If you are unsure about whether you need safe asbestos collection and disposal in Liverpool homes and businesses, here are some statistics that may help you understand the gravity of the situation. There are four kinds of diseases and conditions that are directly linked to asbestos poisoning: Mesothelioma : A form of cancer affecting the lung-wall lining, Lung Cancer, Asbestosis: Scarring of the lung tissue and Pleural Disease. According to the latest statistics available at the office of the Health and Safety Executive, the UK witnessed 2,535-deaths (2012) due to Mesothelioma. In the same year, Asbestoses claimed 464-lives and 900-people joined the list of people suffering from this illness the following year. While there were 673 cases of individuals who were suffering from Pleural Disease, another 430 joined the list, all in 2013.

In Liverpool, homes and businesses need asbestos collection and disposal services if they are to avoid the hidden menace of asbestos. In our homes, asbestos lurks in places we least expect – in rainwater pipes, garage or shed roofs, insulation panels, bath panels, floor tiles, toilet cisterns, fuse boxes and even in heating cupboards. Offices are even more prone as a lot of internal wall partitions, boiler houses, ceilings and walls may contain asbestos along with all the places that are common in homes and offices.

What you need is a company that offers reliable and high quality asbestos collection and disposal in Liverpool, to get rid of this microscopic threat to your health. With Fibre Safe, you get a company that has over a decade’s experience in dealing with asbestos collection and clearance. The staff is extensively trained and experienced in dealing with all kinds of situations, at home or in a commercial building. Along with offering valuable asbestos removal services, Fibre Safe also provides educational programs for children and adults, informing them about the problems associated with asbestos and the need to get it away from our homes and families. If you are interested in making your home or workplace safer for its inhabitants, give us a call and we’ll help you safeguard your home and business again!

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