Asbestos Survey for a Block of Flats in Liverpool

Asbestos Survey for a Block of Flats in LiverpoolOur company, Fibresafe, was contacted to do an asbestos survey for a block of flats in Liverpool.

The owner wanted to update the main heating and plumbing systems. Because of the age of the buildings, he suspected asbestos was present and he wanted to have professionals come in before anybody started disrupting it. Once those fibres get free in the air, all who come in contact are at risk of inhaling them. You know, once those fibres are in your lungs, they never go away, leaving you with serious health risks. The building owner did the right thing calling Fibresafe first. We are a professional multi-skilled workforce experienced in all areas domestic and commercial.

When Fibresafe performs a Liverpool asbestos survey for a block of flats, our primary concern is protecting the health of everyone in and around the work area. Our company stays current with the latest technologies and training opportunities. We keep a close and confidential working relationship with our clients. When we finish a survey and we find old ductwork and pipes wrapped in asbestos containing material, we will remove it. We believe in fair practices so when we quote for a job, the price we give you is what you will pay. There are no hidden charges after the fact. Our technicians are diligent about working to remove asbestos with as little inconvenience as possible for those living and working in the designated building

When you hire Fibresafe for an asbestos survey for a block of flats in Liverpool, you know you are getting a fully accredited contractor working to all health and safety standards. We consistently exceed industry standards for safety and performance. For Fibresafe, safety is everything. We comply with all government regulatory requirements. We have a SHE advisor on our staff whose sole purpose is safety overseeing. If safety is ever in doubt, we seek added advice from health and safety professionals outside our company. We value our clients and our reputation in the industry. Nothing about our work is left to guesswork or chance. Once the asbestos is safely removed and disposed of, Fibresafe can do regular maintenance checks and air quality tests. You will feel confident that your building is asbestos free.

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