Asbestos inland in Wirral

Asbestos in Land WirralWe recently helped a construction company who were worried about asbestos inland in Wirral. Thankfully, people have become much more conscious about the dangers of asbestos in recent years. They know to call in the experts if they are repairing or removing roofing or building substrates that have asbestos within them. In recent times, however, people are also becoming aware of the dangers that could be posed by asbestos in soil. That’s why our customer got in touch with Fibresafe. They knew that we’re the asbestos control and removal experts, across the north west. We’ve been providing asbestos services to both commercial and domestic clients for over 10 years, so there’s nothing that we can’t do.

For construction companies in Wirral, asbestos inland can cause a serious problem, which is they have a legal requirement to test the soil for asbestos contamination. This requirement is as the result of new legislation and failure to comply with it can have serious legal ramifications. It states that all new build projects must test the soil for the presence of asbestos before the work can commence. This makes sense, as if there is asbestos within the soil, once it becomes fractured and airborne, it can have a critical impact on the health of workers on the site. Don’t worry, the testing can be done quickly and cost-effectively when you use our expert team.

We’re experts in testing for asbestos inland in Wirral and beyond. We’ll safely obtain samples from the soil and then carry out speedy, yet thorough, testing on them. If the sample returns results that are within the safe level specified by the new regulations, then work can commence as normal, and you’ll receive the necessary paperwork. If, for any reason, asbestos is above the safe level, we can carry out asbestos soil remediation measures. This means that you’ll be able to commence your work without significant delays, and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your team are working in a safe environment. To find out more about soil testing and the new requirements, contact us today.

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