Why Do You Need Asbestos Risk Assessment In Chester?

Asbestos Risk Assessment In ChesterIt is imperative that you get an asbestos risk assessment in Chester homes and commercial buildings that were built before 2000 because of the dangers of living in an asbestos-affected environment. There are many reasons for such an assessment and the thing you need to know is that each year, in the United Kingdom, almost five thousand people die from asbestos poisoning. Exposure to asbestos is incredibly harmful and results in about twenty fatalities each week, all amongst people who were exposed to the substance as tradesmen. One of the most dangerous substances known to mankind, asbestos was an unfortunate component in our building materials in the last century.

In Chester, asbestos risk assessment can help you determine the levels of asbestos present in your environment. If you have an asbestos structure in your home or workplace, it will release asbestos micro-fibres into the atmosphere every time it is disturbed. That means, if you have a shed roof made of asbestos, every time you open or close the door or a window, or simply lay something on the side against it, you disturb the roof long enough to release asbestos fibres into the air. They go into your system through your breath and the next thing you know, you’re constantly being exposed to it over and over again.

A timely asbestos risk assessment in Chester can not only help you understand your level of exposure to this substance, it can also help you identify sources of the poisoning and get rid of the source completely. What you need is an expert to come in with the right equipment and expertise to identify the level of asbestos poisoning in the air, soil and water, and get rid of the pollutants as well as the source through careful handling and transportation. At Fibresafe, we ensure that you don’t have to worry about asbestos poisoning in your home or workplace because we have over a decade of experience handling possible kind of asbestos hazard in a bid to keep your family safe. From surveys to removals, we can remove asbestos from your life!

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