Asbestos Management Surveys in Trafford Park

Asbestos Management Surveys in Trafford ParkFibre Safe is a full service company providing asbestos management surveys in Trafford Park. We can help commercial property owners to avoid fines and fees imposed by the government for noncompliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulation 2012. The regulation calls for an asbestos survey of the property performed by a professional technician followed up with a written management plan. When Fibre Safe writes their report for your property, you and anyone else requesting it will easily understand it. Because Fibre Safe is a full service Asbestos Management company, we will help you implement any suggested action called for by the report. All information is maintained for you in a database and available to you at any time.

Fibre Safe technicians perform Trafford Park asbestos management surveys for private as well as public housing. We have also implemented a management program to keep our children and teachers safe in their school buildings. The survey consists of checking the building for any signs of asbestos that has been disturbed. Perfectly safe asbestos insulation will turn deadly when damaged, releasing particles into the air. When an individual breathes in those asbestos particles, they do not breathe them out or expel them by coughing. The particles embed themselves into the tissue posing a potential health risk. Our goal as a company is to reduce and eliminate that risk in commercial buildings.

An especially important time to call us for asbestos management survey in Trafford Park is prior to demolition of a commercial building. If it is an older building, it is likely to contain asbestos. Demolition without proper containment will release dangerous fibres into the environment threatening the health of all who breathe it in. The same is true when remodeling crews go into older buildings and start tearing out the fixtures. Fibre Safe stays up to date with the best in technology and tools so our technicians are fully equipped to perform their job safely. We are the whole package. We find it, remove or contain it, create management plans, implement the management plans and maintain a complete report for our customers. Free floating asbestos fibres are a serious health risk.  At Fibre Safe, we take that risk seriously.

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