Asbestos Inspection in Manchester

Asbestos Inspection in ManchesterAsbestos inspection in Manchester (or any other place for that matter) is very important. Exposure to asbestos can lead to lung cancer, lung disease and mesothelioma (cancer of the lung’s lining). With thorough evaluation of your property and review of lab results, an asbestos inspection can detect the presence of possible harmful materials – thereby preventing exposure of this harmful fibre to the building’s inhabitants and greatly lowering medical liability. If you are managing a construction project, an asbestos inspection can help lower costly delays in construction schedules. Choose asbestos inspection professionals dedicated to providing reliable and fast response like Fibre Safe.  These experts prepare reports specifically designed to comply with local guidelines; thereby avoiding costly delays and complications in the construction permit process.

In Manchester, asbestos inspection services are offered by Fibre Safe. This company has extensive experience working in a wide array of sectors; its clients include everyone from residential homeowners to local authorities and national contractors.  Fibre Safe has invested in technology and training in order to make sure its team of experts are armed with the technical know-how and advanced tools to perform their work to the utmost standards of excellence with a positive and prompt approach.  In addition to this, Fibre Safe works on a regular basis with architects, demolition firms and health & safety sectors to produce easy-to-read reports that are concise and clear for both demolition and refurbishment projects.  Fibre Safe also has offices on North Wales, Wirral and Liverpool from which they carry out work across the nation.

The process of asbestos inspection in Manchester carried out by Fibre Safe will most times entail slight intrusive work and a little disturbance. The asbestos inspector will take some samples of any product they think is likely to contain asbestos fibres, this will not put you or your household in danger as the region will be isolated. If the specimen taken from the building shows any presence of asbestos, then the report will include floor plans and photos indicating the location, the condition, and the amount of asbestos found.  Aside from providing you with a complete report on asbestos found, Fibre Safe will also provide a full risk assessment and advice on the best ways to protect yourself /family/building from asbestos. Minimising your health risk with asbestos inspection is just one FREE phone call away.

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