An Enquiry For Asbestos Inspection In Ellesmere Port

Enquiry For Asbestos Inspection In Ellesmere PortMany people who have homes that were built before the 1980s, have sent in an enquiry for asbestos inspection in Ellesmere Port. Due to the increasing awareness of the hazards of asbestos exposure, many older homes many contain asbestos in their insulation around the fireplaces and boilers, in the floor and ceiling tiles, and even on the flashing and roof shingles. Asbestos may also be present in the insulation of your attic. What can homeowners do protect themselves from the dangers of asbestos? They can opt for a professional asbestos inspection?

Recently in Ellesmere Port an enquiry for asbestos inspection was received by the team at Fibresafe. The person wanted to know why a home buyers survey was necessary and what was entailed in the report? According to the experts at Fibresafe, homes built in or before the 1980s have a high potential of having used asbestos in the construction. Asbestos removal is absolutely necessary as it has long term consequences on human health. Before purchasing an older home, Fibresafe recommends that a complete asbestos survey be performed so that one can rule out future problems. The investigation involves intrusive work and a minor amount of disturbance which depends on the layout of the home and the type of property it is. Typically what happens is, one of Fibresafe’s surveyors will take samples of some products which they suspect contains asbestos fibres. If the sample tests positive for asbestos, they will highlight this in the report with floor plans and photographs of the location, extent, and condition of where the asbestos was located. Homeowners will not only be provided with a complete asbestos report, but also a risk assessment and suggestions on how they can deal with the presence of asbestos. Removing asbestos can become an expensive venture which is why a complete survey will prevent homeowners from making a big mistake.

If you have an enquiry for asbestos inspection in Ellesmere Port, contact the experts. The team at Fibresafe are waiting for your call. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Contact the experts at Fibresafe today. It’s the right thing to do.

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