Things You Need To Know About Asbestos Disposal In Wrexham

asbestos disposal WrexhamThe idea of asbestos disposal in Wrexham is not something people tend to think about in everyday life. The use of asbestos around home and office building projects was a common practice at one time. Ever since the harmful effects of exposure to asbestos have become public knowledge, many home owners and commercial building owners have come out and replaced their asbestos sections with other, friendlier, materials. However, there are some issues with asbestos disposal and when owners try to get rid of that asbestos on their own, or by their own means, there tends to be major exposure to asbestos fibres, which can be extremely harmful to their health.

In Wrexham, asbestos disposal services like the one offered by Fibre Safe are known for following specific guidelines when it comes to disposing of the asbestos in your homes. Every single item that contains asbestos is carefully coated with a sealant to prevent asbestos shards and fibres from flying all over the place. Then, each section or piece is covered in sealed, heavy-duty plastic before being moved from its original location onto vehicles that carry those asbestos sections or pieces to licensed landfills and proper disposal sites.

Asbestos disposal in Wrexham, as well as in any part of the country, is governed by certain specific guidelines that require companies to ensure that all waste is stored in a safe and responsible manner. If there is any bonded or friable asbestos to be disposed off, it needs to be contained within sealed and secure packaging or containers. If the ground has been contaminated by asbestos, it needs to be “wet” down properly and all transportation of asbestos requires leak-proof vehicles. At Fibre Safe, we work to keep you and your family safe in an asbestos free environment. With years of experience and adherence to cutting-edge technology and safety standards, we ensure that when you give us a call, we come in prepared to handle any kind of asbestos contamination you may have. From risk assessment to complete clearance and analysis, we have everything for you under one roof here at Fibre Safe. Contact us today.

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