Why Do I Need Asbestos Disposal in Chester?

Asbestos Disposal in ChesterOur clients have often asked us why they would need asbestos disposal in Chester or why is it important they get rid of asbestos from their properties. Asbestos which is a dangerous product for your health can be fatal when you are exposed to it for long periods of time, especially when you inhale the substance. It can cause a variety of diseases including lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma.

In Chester, asbestos disposal can be carried out by Fibresafe. We are the leading asbestos experts and when you call us, we will send our best expert on-site to check the gravity of the problem before we decide on the right steps to be taken. We deal with a wide range of customers including homeowners, architects, surveyors, tradesmen, supervisors and managers. At Fibresafe, we understand the seriousness of asbestos problems and that is why we constantly educate ourselves regarding the matter and take the time to educate other people as well. If you want to learn more regarding asbestos, you could perhaps join one of our Safe School programmes which help individuals, school children and staff be more aware of the stealth killer. The company is a member of the British Safety Council, approved by HAS and SAFE. Therefore, do not hesitate to reach out to us if you suspect you might have an asbestos problem which is often the case with properties older than 40-50 years. The import of asbestos actually spiked in 1967 and was largely used in the construction of homes and other properties before it was banned following the discovery of its potential to cause fatalities in 1980.

For all your enquiries regarding Fibresafe’s asbestos disposal in Chester, call the free phone 0800 458 4136. The staff members at Fibresafe will be happy to hear from you. Remember that Fibresafe does have a comprehensive and completely secured way of dealing with asbestos and our services include but are not limited to on-site surveying to refurbishment surveys, sampling, waste collection and asbestos management.

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