Looking For Artex Ceiling Removal In Liverpool?

Artex Ceiling Removal In LiverpoolHave you heard about artex ceiling removal in Liverpool? A young couple who had recently purchased a 1980’s style bungalow wanted a complete renovation of the entire home, including this very service. The couple was aware that it was possible the ceiling material had asbestos in it, since it was made with artex. Instead of hiring a regular contractor to complete the job, their preference was to hire asbestos specialists to complete the work safely and effectively.

In Liverpool, artex ceiling removal should only be performed by specialists. After avidly searching for such a company this couple found Fibre Safe. Since their home was built in the 1980’s, the couple was worried that the ceiling may have asbestos in it. After sending Fibresafe a picture of their ceiling, an experienced staff member visited the couple’s home to survey the ceiling and walls. After conducting a careful survey, the representative determined that there indeed was asbestos present in the ceiling. He informed the couple that no further action would be required as long as the ceiling was untouched, however since the couple was planning on renovating their entire home, Fibresafe would have to step in and safely remove the asbestos-filled artex ceiling. Shortly afterwards, a small team from Fibresafe proceeded with the artex ceiling removal, while maintaining a strict adherence to established health, safety, and environmental standards. Within a short duration the work was completed efficiently and to the couple’s satisfaction.

If you suspect the presence of asbestos in your home, contact Fibresafe for an artex ceiling removal in Liverpool. As members of ARCA and CHAS, they ensure that the asbestos is removed and disposed according to best practices. Apart from artex ceiling removal, Fibresafe offers many other domestic and commercial services such as demolition and refurbishment surveys, home buyers reports, hazardous waste collection, clean air tests, asbestos training, and emergency call outs. For more information about their artex ceiling removal or any other service, please contact Fibresafe today. Alternatively, customers may also send their inquiries online by completing the form under the “Contact” subheading.

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