Refurbishment Survey in Manchester Shopping Centre

Refurbishment Survey in Manchester Shopping CentreIf you are looking to undertake a professional refurbishment survey in Manchester Shopping Centre, compare different quotes before finally hiring a firm. We recently got a refurbishment survey done and were satisfied with the services offered by Fibre Safe. We were interested in getting our store refurbished and since it’s legally required to have an asbestos survey done, we decided to hire a professional firm. A refurbishment survey helps identify sources of asbestos in the building. You should be aware that it’s mandatory to have refurbishment surveys conducted even in domestic premises if you have hired contractors or surveyors — this is because asbestos poses such a threat to health. Once you hire employees in your house for any reason, it becomes a place of business. Professional firms like Fibre Safe are pleased to offer their expertise in refurbishment surveys at reasonable rates.

Our business is located in Manchester Shopping Centre so we hired refurbishment survey services from a top local firm in the area. Since refurbishment surveys involve intrusive inspections, it may be advisable to vacate the premises first. Trained professionals from reliable firms like Fibre Safe may probe floors, walls, claddings and partitions to identify potential sources of asbestos. It’s also important to note that you must organise refurbishment surveys before constructing or remodelling takes place. This will ensure that construction professionals are aware of the results of the survey.

Since we undertook a refurbishment survey in Manchester Shopping Centre, we vacated the premises before the scheduled survey. Fibre Safe’s courteous and friendly staff members were happy to educate us on what the survey was intended for and how it would be conducted. You may also need to have a survey conducted in specific areas of the building where for you may want to install alarms, insulation or pipes. Fibre Safe will guide you each step of the way.

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