Ground Investigation Study in Urmston

ground investigation study in UrmstonFibresafe recently conducted a ground investigation study in Urmston. It is not only buildings or permanent structures that can be contaminated with asbestos. Certain areas can have contaminated soil or ground. For example, sites on which a pre-2000 built structure previously stood that was demolished or burnt down or areas that have at some stage been used for the dumping of waste.

In Urmston, a ground investigation study was commissioned from us and recently carried out by our skilled and highly experienced teams. There was a sizable piece of ground and asbestos contamination was suspected. Before the site could be used for anything or worked on, it was necessary to establish how safe or otherwise it was. Given the extent of the area, and the necessity to work with great care, our team spent a week on the site. A series of test holes were made throughout the entire site. Soil samples were removed from each of the test holes and carefully examined and assessed for asbestos content. Findings were meticulously recorded in terms of where the samples came from and the assessment or test result for each sample. On completion of the examination and testing we produced a full asbestos report for the customer. Our ground study and investigation revealed that no less than half of the site was contaminated with asbestos. Should the customer require it, we are able to offer advice on the removal of the contamination or perform this specialised service ourselves.

If you require a ground investigation study in Urmston – or elsewhere – contact us at Fibresafe today. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will be pleased to provide you with the information and advice you require or make arrangements to carry out a survey at your premises.

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