Demolition Of An Asbestos Garage In Birkenhead

Demolition of an Asbestos Garage in BirkenheadHave you ever seen the demolition of an asbestos garage in Birkenhead? It truly was a sight to behold.By doing the job thoroughly we eradicated all traces of asbestos and made the land safe to build on again. We can carry out the same procedure for premises across North Wales and the North West of England. With over 10 years’ experience in asbestos control and removal, Fibresafe provide an expert and reliable service for both commercial and domestic customers. Are you worried about asbestos in your home or garage? Your health and safety is of paramount importance, so when you need asbestos handling services always call the professionals.

In Birkenhead demolition of an asbestos garage was carried out swiftly and securely. The Health & Safety Executive sets out strict guidelines for asbestos demolition and removal. Many general contractors may not be aware of these guidelines. Is it worth the risk to your health? We use the latest equipment and techniques to make asbestos removal safer than ever. Over 65% of domestic property in the United Kingdom is estimated to have some form of asbestos in it. It’s often found in sheds, garages, roof tiles, flues and fascias. We can identify asbestos on your property, and then take the appropriate steps to remove it. We also produce home buyer’s reports, detailing the current status of asbestos in the property, and how it should be controlled, maintained or removed.

The methods used in the demolition of asbestos garage in Birkenhead can also be used for commercial and industrial properties. Our services are tailored for you, and free quotations are always available. We always do our absolute utmost to ensure that the customers concerns and wishes are met to the highest possible standards. Our full range of services includes demolition and site surveys, hazardous waste collection, sample taking and analysis, clean air tests and much more. All of our team are highly trained and have a wealth of experience. Our bespoke service is fitted around your needs, and we even offer an emergency call out service 24 hours a day. When you need advice from the North West’s experts, phone the Fibresafe team today.

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